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Waste Management Transport & Disposal Services

AARCO takes great pride in our employees. We interview to select the right people for this unique type of work we are in. It is AARCO’S goal to provide our personnel with the best and most diverse training as well as state of the art tools.

Our field technicians are trained in:
40 Hour OSHA Certified
10 Hour construction safety
First Aid
8 Hour Hazwapper
Confined Space Entry certified
Medical compliance with OSHA
Respiratory fit tested
LPS Certified

AARCO handles a wide variety of waste removal services, including hazardous waste:
Lab Packing Hazardous Chemical
Confined Space Entry in Hazardous Environments
Level “C” excavating and waste management
Soil & water Classification, characterization and disposal
Unknown Drum and/or waste identification

Liquid Waste Removal Services

With our fleet of vacuum trucks, AARCO will efficiently and safely remove and transport a wide variety of hazardous waste liquids, non-hazardous industrial waste waters, gasoline, and oils.

Whether we are pumping water from sumps at gas stations, pumping residual product from tank removals, transferring virgin product, cleaning oil/water separators, or responding to an emergency spill, our equipment is maintained and our personnel are trained and we are ready to roll.

Solid Waste Removal Services

AARCO has one of the largest and most diverse fleet of High Vacuum Units in the metropolitan area. Our 16 yard Guzzlers equipped with 27 inches of vacuum and 5700 CFM of power have removed saturated soil from depths exceeding 100 feet down and up to 500 feet across.

AARCO has one of the only High Vacuum Vactor Units that not only produces up to 3000 psi of high pressure water, but also boasts an on board Hotsy, capable of heating up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for grease or fuel oil spills. Our Guzzlers have fine particulate filters that work well when removing dusty material such as coal, cement, fly ash or carbon.

The filter maintains the vacuum without letting dust in the air. Our fleet of Guzzlers and Vactors are the perfect option for cleaning storm drains, cesspools, hard to reach contaminated soils, pre-clearing for utilities, silo at waste to energy plants, cosmetic and pharmaceutical tanks, #6 oil tanks, the list of applications is diverse and endless.

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